Cumulus is a philosophy of developing ready-to-sell products within two weeks. It is a set of simple designing rules that allow to change effectively a sales model into a full-cooperation model between our clients and their partners. It is a place created by business for business.


Cumulus is a system that supports the process of selling insurance company products via a network of third-party distributors. Benefits that arise from using Cumulus are first of all great work comfort of the sales people and improvement of customer service quality.


The main Cumulus functionalities for salespeople are:

  • registration of only indispensable data required to sell each product,   
  • sum or premium rate adjustment depending on an insurance variant,
  • validation of entered data,
  • suggesting entered data (e.g. name glossaries, HOGA),
  • possibility to generate printouts in accordance with requirements,
  • change management on policies (data change, purchase, resignation, renewal).


2 695
daily average of concluded insurance contracts

4 606
sold products and their variants

2 260 000
total number of contracts concluded in Cumulus

partners using Cumulus platform

16 568
active users

Cumulus in figures as in June 2013


Cumulus is a solution developed by Logisfera Nova specialists.


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