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Atena.Insurance Platform SFC
The main goal of deploying the Atena.IP SFC system is to increase the effectiveness of sales network management at insurance companies.
Our system offers a comprehensive solution for the service and settlement processes and provides a means of mutual communication with agents. Advanced technological solutions make it easy to flexibly shape operating models and to customise them for business requirements. Atena.IP SFC can rapidly map internal organizational changes. Its intuitive user interface can be customized to suit corporate requirements.


Business benefits

Complete sales network management.
Simplifying processes and accelerating them.

 Complete sales network management.

The set of predefined tools in the Atena.IP SFC system allows for the flexible modelling of the intricate sales network structures. Information concerning territorial alignment, hierarchical structure and their mutual relations allows for efficient sales network management, as well as for the acquisition of new partners and associates. Many processes are automatically performed by the system, saving employees' time. The system also provides considerable support in the preparation of relevant information for KNF, the Polish financial supervision authority. 

Remuneration system management.
Readily-understood commission settlement.

  Remuneration system management.

Atena.IP SFC offers a multidimensional model for calculating remuneration that is based on the predefined rules and necessary parameters. This allows for the creative development and management of the custom incentive systems tailored to the specific sales networks. The users can also use the available templates to define and quickly implement their own types of remuneration. More than this, the system makes it possible to keep a clear record of the information necessary to calculate the remuneration, which reaches it from a variety of sources. This solution provides an easy way of handling the accounts documents and keeping the subledger records. The agents have constant access to up-to-date information on the commission calculations.

Two-way communication.
Easy access to knowledge base - e-learning.

  Two-way communication

Atena.IP SFC provides a quick and highly-automated flow of sales-related information. Thanks to this solution, users can import complex data from various sources, export information in real time, create flexible reports, generate graphical and tabular presentations and manage training courses, including e-learning, for the sales network. Thanks to the system's knowledge base, insurance company employees and agents become genuine partners. 


Modern technologies 

Atena.IP SFC is built to Java EE specifications. It can be installed on any compatible application server. The entire solution can also be embedded in the cloud. Relational data is stored in an Oracle database.
Thanks to its architecture, Atena.IP SFC can be easily integrated with the back office external systems. With a single-platform solution, we can offer applications customized to individual requirements in various business areas. And this does not require the development of separate mechanisms for data exchange between modules. The system structure guarantees rapid deployment and low change costs. 


Atena.IP SFC - mobile application 

The solution has been developed to support the agents' work and is available not only in the classic, desktop version, but also in the form of a mobile application for iPads/tablets (iOS & Android).
The capabilities available to the sales network employees include:

  • viewing information on the calculated and paid commission
  • accepting or rejecting commission statements or invoices
  • monitoring the extent to which sales targets have been achieved
  • viewing scheduled meetings and actions - the application will also mark the relevant places on the map and plan the best route between them.


Business Scenarios

  • Dynamic Commission Model
  • Sales Forces Management - An Effective Sales Network
  • Multi-channel Integration

Extensions and development

Atena.Insurance Platform Sales Forces Commissions can be integrated with any insurance company solution. Atena.IP SFC can be deployed as a standalone solution for sales network management and support and for commissions billing. It is also included in our Atena.IP Life and Atena. IP NonLife core solutions. 


Close partnership 

With every single IT project we deliver, we are committed to building close partnerships with our clients. Our team of over 500 staff includes top experts, business analysts and developers. We have the unique ability to look at technology from the point of view of end users to create attractive and intuitive user interfaces. We are always striving to get to the root of insurance business processes and transform them by leveraging the full potential of IT. 

Atena.Insurance Platform Sales Forces Commissions 

  • A stand-alone solution that is easily integrated with external systems, such as back office and financial and accounting.
  • Automatic preparation of information for KNF (the Polish financial supervision authority) and internal integration with the DAPOS application.
  • Rapid deployment and low change costs
  • Capacity to configure and support the keeping of subledgers
  • Increasing the effectiveness of sales network teams
  • Automatic and bulk operations 



  • Complete sales network management
  • Creating commission models for any sales structure
  • Sales planning and settlement
  • Automating commission settlement
  • Training management, e. g., in the form of e-learning
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Data import
  • Simplified solution management
  • Access from mobile applications

Business architecture

  • Modern and intuitive user interface
  • Extensive integration capabilities

Technical architecture

  • The Atena Insurance Platform is built to Java EE specifications using: Seam, JSF and RichFaces for user interface components EJB3 and myBatis for business logic and data storage.
  • The system may be installed on any application server compliant with Java EE, including: JBoss IBM WebSphere (optional) Oracle WebLogic (optional).
  • The ORACLE database is used to store relational
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