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Atena.Insurance Platform LIFE
Life insurance companies deploy the Atena.IP Life solution to streamline and improve their business processes, leading to increased agility and sales.


Modern life insurance platform

Our solution architecture supports deployment both as a core life insurance company system and as selected modules integrated into existing systems. Modules can also be customized to create a dedicated solution for specific business needs, such as group insurance quoting and tarification process support. All functionality is provided though an intuitive interface, customizable to suit corporate requirements. 

Business benefits 

Efficient processes.
Functionality to match your needs.

 Efficient processes.

The modular structure of Atena.IP Life directly reflects key functionalities. Modules communicate by sharing data and services to avoid duplicating data and operations.

If only selected areas of the IT environment require upgrading, life insurance companies can select only the relevant system modules. For instance, just the commissions module can be upgraded, without replacing the entire system.
Individual product parametrization and configuration is also available for other Atena solutions, including Atena.IP Offer Platform for group life insurance sales management and tena.IP Sales Forces Commissions for comprehensive sales organization support.

Life insurance companies deploy the Atena.IP Life solution to treamline and improve their business processes, leading to
increased agility and sales.

Reduce time to market.
Accelerate new product deployments.

 Reduce time to market.

With Atena.Insurance Platform Life, businesses can dynamically respond to market changes. It provides a single point of reference for complex and coherent product definitions with all required tariffs, allowing businesses to deploy a central product
repository to handle all parametrization and calculations related to product definitions.

Key platform features to accelerate product time to market include the modeller and msg.PM product engine. Product structure definitions can be flexibly modified, and new definitions can be created.

The functionality to efficiently copy existing products and manage product versions can yield significant savings for life insurance companies. Atena.IP Life provides these capabilities by simplifying and accelerating the product building process and product
lifecycle management while also expanding the product portfolio. 


Automate your processes.
Save time and leverage analytics.

 Automate your processes.

Once deployed, the platform streamlines work for all solution users, including insurance company staff, agents and brokers.

The solution features automated day-end procedures matched to specific business processes. Bulk operations can be executed without operator intervention.

Atena.IP Life provides a central access point for all necessary information about customers, intermediaries, policies, settlements, and fund accounts. All data can be found quickly and easily. The platform also provides flexible reporting features, including complex numerical and graphical presentations. 

Close partnership 

With every single IT project we deliver, we arecommitted to building close partnerships with our clients. Our team of over 500 staff includes top experts, business analysts and developers. Wehave the unique ability to look at technology from the point of view of the end user. We are always striving to get to the root of insurance business processes and transform them by leveraging the full potential of IT. 


Business Scenarios 

Atena.IP Life supports the following business processes:

  • Product Modeller - flexible product modelling
  • Product Factory - reduce Time to Market
  • Fund Market
  • Increase policy persistency rate
  • Customer Focused Enterprise
  • Optimized customer experience throughout insurance contract processing 

Advanced technologies 

Atena.IP Life follows the Java EE specification. It can be installed on any compatible application server. The entire solution can also be embedded in the cloud. Relational data is stored in an Oracle database. Because the solution operates within a single system, data exchange between applications requires no additional messaging engines. This means faster deployment and lower change costs. The Atena.IP Life business architecture is SOAcompliant, following the principles of optionality and high module independence. It provides extensive capabilities for integration and business process mapping. With a single-platform solution, we can offer applications customized to individual requirements in various business areas. The unified system architecture provides complete data management for deployed modules. 

Extensions and development 

As a result of ongoing research and development work on existing and future products based on the Atena.IP Life platform, we will:

  • Add new expansion modules
  • Add new base components
  • Add new functionality
  • Modify existing functionality

Atena.Insurance Platform Life

  • Shorter process durations
  • Lower operating costs
  • Accurate decisions and effective management
  • Support users in day-to-day work
  • Centralized product definitions
  • Eliminate the risk of complex integrations
  • Rapid deployment and low change costs



  • Modular structure
  • Extended and standardized functional scope
  • Automatic and bulk operations
  • Extensive options for business process parametrization
  • Flexible product module
  • Efficient change and correction processing
  • Reporting tools
  • Data import/export
  • Simplified solution management

Business architecture

  • Optional and highly independent modules
  • Modern and intuitive user interface
  • Extensive integration capabilities

Technical architecture

  • Atena.Insurance Platform Life follows the Java EE specification
  • The system can be installed on any Java EEcompatible application server
  • Relational data is stored in an ORACLE database
  • The solution can be embedded in the cloud
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