Atena.HPS - an indispensable work and management tool

By analysing our customers' needs we have developed a new operating strategy aimed at increasing the value of policies, customers and agents. Atena.High Performance Service is a lightweight 'overlay' for IT systems that operates in all areas of insurance company business, including offers, underwriting, sales, settlements, commissions and claims. This comprehensive integration makes Atena.HPS an indispensable work and management tool.
The system offers a single fast interface tailored to the information needs of specific work roles. Atena.HPS assigns tasks to employees and determines the order of their execution based on policy-profitability forecasts. It eliminates haphazard activities and allows managers to monitor the current situation in their areas. The system enables insurance companies to deliver services to clients regardless of the limitations of policy systems.

Business benefits 

Segmentation based on profit forecasting

  Segmentation based on profit forecasting

Atena.HPS is an innovative application which easily connects to insurance company systems. It identifies the most profitable policies and keeps them in the profit zone. According to the Pareto principle, which states that 20% of clients deliver 80% of profits, it is necessary to identify the most profitable group and customise the service path to meet their needs.
This is made possible by the automatic and consistent segmentation functionality of Atena.HPS.


Accurate decisions

  Accurate decisions

The system generates current income forecasts based on revenues, claim history, commissions paid, fixed costs and reserves. These parameters make it possible to establish a policy's financial potential at any time, which in turn supports quick and accurate decision-making for policies, offers, exceptions, claims and benefits.

Atena.HPS automatically determines the customer or agent segment and identifies its priority based on calculated profitability indices. The system identifies the most important customers who are then given priority. The increase in their confidence and satisfaction level results in a higher persistency rate for every policy. This allows Atena.HPS to deliver customer experience on a massive scale, which drives growth in the value of policy portfolios and expands the profit zone.


Golden Record - the identification and prioritisation of policy-related tasks

   Golden Record

Atena.HPS provides a single point of reference for the customer and agent data assigned to every policy. There is no need to navigate numerous interfaces and systems to obtain the required data. Also, it does not entail any complex and expensive integration. This is possible because all of the crucial information regarding policies, customers and agents are stored at Golden Record level in Atena.HPS.

When saving policy data, Atena.HPS evaluates its future profitability and identifies related tasks. The system organises the work by determining which tasks should be performed for each policy and who is responsible for their execution. Atena.HPS assigns the tasks and specifies their priorities. The order of process execution results directly from the number of the segment the policy has been assigned to.

You can also assign a new task at any time. Just add it to the policy and the system will automatically assign the task to an account manager or agent. It will also identify the task priority, that is, it will set the order of task execution. 


A new dimension in management quality

  A new dimension in management quality

Atena.HPS provides managers with complete information on policies, agents, claims and staff. They need these data to make fast and accurate decisions. Managers have full insight into their portfolio without time-consuming consultations and meetings. They can see which staff members are overworked or check for task delays that could risk the loss of clients - whenever they need.

The system also helps to make instant decisions regarding exceptions, higher policy-support costs, additional commission, renewal offers, or claims and benefits payments. You can start by checking trends in particular segments: Atena.HPS will deliver the necessary information immediately.

Atena.HPS makes it possible to define customised support standards for individual segments, which are later executed by the system. For this purpose, you need to specify the policy values in particular segments and the priority levels of specific tasks and then define an acceptable time for their execution. HPS automatically controls the progress of task-execution related to policies, customers and agents. It also monitors the quality of specific policy portfolios. If any time limits are exceeded, the system sends an alert.


Integration capabilities 

Integration is very easy with Golden Record embedded in tena.HPS. Instead of deploying complex and expensive solutions you can simply embed Atena.HPS n any systems already used in the insurance company.

TURBO GUI enables the system to meet the exacting equirements of client-facing activities and to accelerate many insurance company operations on a massive scale.


Close partnership 

With every single IT project we deliver, we are ommitted to building close partnerships with our lients. Our team of over 500 staff includes top xperts, business analysts and developers. We have he unique ability to look at technology from the end user's point of view to create attractive and intuitive ser interfaces. We are always striving to get to the oot of insurance business  processes and transform hem by leveraging the full potential of IT. 


Atena.High Performance Service 

  • Increased value and stability for the policy portfolio
  • Greater satisfaction for key customers and agents
  • Lower operating costs
  • Accurate decisions and effective management
  • Process and staff monitoring: tasks, alerts
  • Customer relationship management: event handling
  • Lightweight overlay for any system
  • Eliminate the risk of complex integrations
  • Execution of business scenarios: CRM, BPM, EPM, CBK, BAM
  • Rapid deployment and low change costs
  • Highly reduced workload of core systems 




  • Instant access to policy, customer, agent and claim data (Golden Record)
  • Automatic identification of policy-related tasksand manual task entry
  • Automatic task distribution and prioritisation based on the revenue segment
  • Event handling for policies, customers andagents with support for related tasks
  • Add scans or documents when implementingcustomer requests
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • Assigning employees to portfolios
  • Business administration: glossaries, parameters and scope-of-information definition in the user interface

Business architecture

  • Lightweight software with a single user interface, which can be used as an overlay for any system
  • Periodical acquisition of Golden Record data on policy status
  • Integration through Golden Record (e.g., ODBC, views, data warehouse)

Technical architecture

  • Database: Oracle 11g (any version, free license available)
  • Application: Oracle Application Express
  • Server: physical or virtual and matched to the number of users and to data volumes
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