Office 365
The experiences of our experts help our clients in fast and efficient transitions or implementations of relevant solutions from the Microsoft Office 365 package.
Unlike other suppliers, we mainly focus on the strategy of the comprehensive Microsoft Assessment 365 Fit package, which in combination with the optional pilot deployment (Proof-Of-Concept) significantly helps to determine whether or not the products of Office 365 are the right choice for your organization. After that, using the gathered information on your company and used operational methods, we shall help you in fast and seamless selection of the right package and method of migration and integration with the cutting-edge solutions in the cloud.

Using our O365 services you will see the following benefits:

  • Reductions in time and costs of migration.
Thanks to many years of experience and an agile team of experts, we shall provide you with resources that will efficiently support you in this process.
  • Ensuring efficient deployment

If you intend to migrate from local solutions into the Microsoft Office 365 package, Atena offers comprehensive transformation services and operational services. Our combination of services covers migration of e-mail and applications as well as service management. With our consultants' many years of experience, we have developed methodology which works out from the business sphere to technical details, without compromising any of the important elements of integration.



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