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Privacy policy
ATENA Usługi Informatyczne i Finansowe S.A. is committed to protecting the privacy of users visiting the atena.pl website. The data collected in the logs are used only for the purposes of site administration. We do not attempt to identify the users of ATENA Usługi Informatyczne i Finansowe S.A. web pages and no user-identifiable information is transferred to any third party.

Collecting data

In accordance with practices used by most websites, we store the HTTP queries received by our server. As a result, we know the public IP addresses from which users browse the content of our web pages. The browsed resources are identified by their URLs,
therefore we also process:
  • the time at which query was received,
  • the time at which the response was sent,
  • the client station name - identified by HTTP,
  • HTTP transaction error information,
  • a referrer link (the URL of the web page previously visited by the user) if our website was entered via a link,
  • information about the user's browser.
The data processed is not associated with individual users browsing the ATENA Usługi Informatyczne i Finansowe S.A. website. In order to maintain maximum service quality, we occasionally analyse log files to determine the most visited web pages, browsers used by visitors, errors in site structure, etc.

Data usage

The logs are stored indefinitely as an aid in server administration. The information they contain is not disclosed to anyone except authorized network and server administrators at ATENA Usługi Informatyczne i Finansowe S.A. Based on the log files, we may generate statistics to assist in administration and management of website content. These summary statistics contain no data that can be used to identify website visitors.

Cookie policy

The entity providing and accessing information in the form of cookies (and other similar technologies) stored on a user's end device (PC, laptop, smartphone etc.) is ATENA Usługi Informatyczne i Finansowe S.A. with offices in Sopot, ul. Rzemieślnicza 33,

Cookies are not used to obtain any information about site users nor to track their navigation. Cookies used by our sites do not store any personal information nor other user-identifiable data collected.

The user's end device (web browser) can also store information provided by entities cooperating with ATENA Usługi Informatyczne i Finansowe S.A., such as advertisers, analytics providers and application developers.

Cookies are IT data - text files, in particular - stored on the user's device as a result of visiting web pages in the atena.pl domain.

Cookies typically contain the domain name of the originating site, the time they were saved on the user's device and a unique number. The purpose of cookies is not to identify the user and they are not used to determine the user's identity.

Web pages in the atena.pl domain may only store cookies on a user's end device (web browser) if the browser allows this. The browser allows a website to access only cookies stored by that site, and not cookies stored by any other site.

ATENA Usługi Informatyczne i Finansowe S.A. uses cookies and similar technologies to:
  • provide services
  • customize the content of a site and applications to match user preferences and provide optimal user experience; cookies can be used for purposes such as determining the user's device and displaying the version of the web page adapted to its unique needs,
  • compile statistics that allow better understanding of how visitors use the services and applications available on our web site, in order to enhance their structure and content,
  • maintain a session in a user's web browser,
  • display targeted advertisements based on a user's interests and location, with an option to prevent displaying the same advertisement to the same user multiple times,
  • conduct surveys - specifically, to prevent displaying the same survey multiple times to one user and to display surveys in a way consistent with user interests.
We use the following types of cookies:
  • session cookies - temporary files stored on the user's device (web browser) until they log out, leave the web page and application, or switch off their browser,
  • persistent cookies - stored on a user's device for a time configured in cookie settings or until deleted by the user,
To ensure efficient, correct and secure operation of our website, we use the following cookie types:
  • performance - used to collect information on a site and application usage
  • functionality - used to store user settings and personalize the site UI based on a user's region, selected pluage, font size, web page look and feel, applications, etc.
  • advertising - used to serve advertising content that better matches user behaviour and interests,
  • statistics - used to collect statistics on web page and application usage.

The user can use their web browser to manage cookies, including:

  • enabling cookies, which allows them to benefit from all possibilities offered by websites,
  • managing cookies for individual websites and web pages,
  • setting policies for different cookie types, including enabling persistent cookies
  • and treating them as session cookies (deleting them when exiting the browser),
  • selective blocking or deleting of individual cookies.

To learn how to configure and manage cookies in popular web browsers, visit the websites of their developers, such as:  Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, or Wszystko o ciasteczkach (All About Cookies).
Please note that if cookies and similar technologies are limited or disabled on a user's device (web browser), it may limit or disable certain functions of the ATENA Usługi Informatyczne i Finansowe S.A. website.

Links to other sites

The ATENA Usługi Informatyczne i Finansowe S.A. website contains links to other sites. Atena is not responsible for the privacy policies of these sites. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the privacy policy of these sites upon visiting them. This privacy policy only applies to web pages managed by ATENA Usługi Informatyczne i Finansowe S.A.


The above text will be modified to reflect any changes to the privacy policy of our website.

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