SAP services
Atena offers a full range of SAP services — both for clients undertaking a computerization project and for organizations already using SAP.


Within our SAP competencies, Atena's team has developed a range of deployment, support and application development services based on SAP NetWeaver. The success of our large deployment projects for specialized applications proves the maturity and reliability of our team.


Atena offers a full range of services for clients who choose SAP.


SAP Services
Analysis We analyse the Client's business processes, complete the functional requirements of the future solution and suggest improvements and optimizations possible at the system deployment stage.
Concept We develop the optimal solution concept for the Client, including the standard SAP scope, the necessary customizations, and correct deployment methodology.
Prototype We build a SAP solution prototype and use it to obtain user feedback and adapt the system to their requirements. For corporate solutions, we adapt the corporate solution to the requirements of local users.
Deployment We deploy the SAP solution and provide dedicated user training.
Support and Maintenance
Once the solution is up and running, we provide support and maintenance. By providing training, we enhance user proficiency with the system.
Development As the Client's business grows, we indicate opportunities to support strategic directions by deploying other SAP technology areas. We configure new functionality, integrate with external systems, introduce automation and develop workflow processes.


The services provided by Atena include:


  • SAP deployment
  • SAP rollout
  • SAP upgrade
  • Integration with other systems
  • ABAP programming                       
  • SAP Basis
  • Deployment audit
  • SAP data archiving
  • SAP maintenance                        
  • SAP application service


Please contact us to learn more about the services which will help you achieve your main objective - business success.



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