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SAP industry solutions
SAP ERP solutions do not support processes which are specific to a particular industry. For that reason dedicated industry software by SAP based on the best business practices plays a special role.


SAP is aware that for you the most important industry is your industry. Therefore there is no general, universal SAP solution for all sectors. SAP solution packages have been developed based on thorough knowledge of business processes which enhance the effectiveness of enterprise operations. They enable better strategic decisions in key areas, for example in order to achieve a higher level of company transparency, strengthen customer relationships and improve enterprise efficiency.


Atena as an SAP partner provides full deployment and development services of selected industry solutions:

  • SAP for Insurance 
  • SAP for Public Sector
  • SAP for Utilities

Our competencies related to components based on the FI-CA (Contract Accounts) module, i.e. FS-CD , PS-CD, RM-CA, are especially worthy of note.

By combining competencies in SAP systems with a knowledge of Solvency II directive, Atena has developed Solvency II directive, the complete solution for insurance companies.


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